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Formerly the national training center and vehicle intake plant for Mercedes-Benz, the J-Tech campus offers a modern 168,000 square foot facility on 28 acres. With pristine labs and classrooms, student lounge, fitness center, learning resource center, and private lockers, J-Tech provides our students with lots of resources to support your career training goals. How cool is that?!


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 Congrats to our September 20th graduates of the CRST/J-Tech commercial truck driving program. Drive Safe! #jtech #jtechexperience #crst  Hurricane Irma 2017 came in with a big introduction, and has left us reaching out to help those that have been set back from where they once were. Late last week J-Tech, with forethought, and advance planning, was able to get all of our students through their final exams with time to prepare, or evacuate with respect to the oncoming storm. We closed Friday and following in Duval County’s footsteps we remained closed until Wednesday. Our campus was very fortunate, as we have opened our doors once again to our faculty, staff, students, and guests. Our campus here in Jacksonville is very strong, and well built. It is a true representation of the Compass Rose foundation that supports it. We are turning the clean-up that Irma has forced our community to address, into a positive for our people. We are updating classrooms with fresh paint on the walls, and some really cool diamond plate upgrades. We feel our students and faculty deserve a fresh and positive outlook after this very challenging event. J-Tech is open again, and welcoming people that like working with their hands and that want to make more money enjoying what they do for a living. Our Automotive Technology and Diesel Technology classes will be starting in roughly 10 days on September 25th. Take action NOW! Roll into J-Tech, or reach out to us and find out what we can do to help. Don’t put it off anymore. By this time next year, many good things can be happening in your life because of J-Tech. You can do this. Call J-Tech at 904-328-5599. #HurricaneIrma #Irma #JTechInsitute
 Today J-Tech hosted a free community cookout. Many happy faces and kudos to the many that made this event possible. #jtech #jtechexperience #auto #diesel #school  HURRICANE IRMA UPDATE: J-Tech will be closed Tuesday, September 12th due to the storm. We will continue to work closely with Emergency Management Officials to closely monitor the movement and potential impacts of the storm. Stay safe!
 Looking good @cain_95.0gt ⭐️ #jtechinstitute #automotive #jacksonville #jtechexperience #mustang #decal #jtech  Getting some work done in Automotive Labs! #JtechInsitute #JTechExperience #Automotive #AutoTech #Jacksonville #Cars #mechanics
 J-Tech is sponsoring a free hot lunch next Wednesday September 20 from 12pm-2pm. Come join us for lunch, charge up your devices and check out the J-Tech campus. #jtech #jtechexperience #auto #diesel #school #hurricaneirma  Getting down and dirty...#JtechInstitute #Diesel #diesellife #dieseltrucks #dieselmechanic #diesel