When choosing the right school it’s about more than just classes and majors.  You’re looking for a community to grow from apprentice to master, a venue for industry leaders to showcase their work, a vehicle to propel your ideas from thought to reality.  Your extra-curricular activities are just as vital as the curriculum.  You don’t just want a launchpad for your career, you’re looking for the landing strip.


Dive into the salt life of J-Tech’s home in Jacksonville, FL.  Fold into the largest metropolitan area in both Florida and the contiguous United States.  Whether you’re fueled by entrepreneurial spirit or searching to be part of a growing company where you can connect with other earnest young professionals like yourself, J-Tech is the place where you can build a network of friends and business partners to last a lifetime.

Start training in your career with hands-on experience in and outside of the classroom.  Jacksonville is one of the busiest ports in the United States and the second largest automobile import and export port on the picturesque Atlantic coast.  Be a part of this flourishing region complete with the excitement of a major city and the charm of the South.


Take advantage of the plentiful planned communities and affordable cost of living.  Jacksonville is a great place to  start your education and transition into your career.  Make your move count by relocating somewhere you can stay.  Jacksonville is one of the fastest-growing cities not just in the Southeast but the entire United States.  Join the diverse businesses and entrepreneurs that are already calling this economic hotbed home.  Several Fortune 500 companies established headquarters in Jacksonville such as the railroad CSX, Fidelity, FIS, and Winn Dixie.


Tour the City with walkways bordering the St. John’s riverfront.  Reap the benefits of decades of development aiming to create a scenic and prosperous city.  Look up to the towering skyline and down to the depths of the surrounding water for an aesthetically pleasing blend of nature and culture.  Explore the rich southern history through the City’s many museums and memorials.  Chronicle the development of Jacksonville from one of the earliest inhabited American cities, to the winter resort it’s been for centuries.  Visit other cultural attractions like Museum of Science and History, the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, Civil War fortresses, early colonial memorials, and the Jacksonville Jaguars, the NFL team housed at EverBank Field.


Partake in the many beach activities along Florida’s “first coast”, surf, dive, and explore the pristine Atlantic Ocean. When you get your sea legs, try deep sea fishing or going for a short cruise.  Meet and work with nautical professionals who have spent a lifetime cultivating their love and knowledge of the water world.  After class you can appreciate the beauty of the beaches and possibility of the ocean right outside your door!

J-Tech is the right vocational institute for you, in and outside of the classroom. Live and work where others can only vacation and resolve your wandering with this destination school.