Automotive Technology, Diesel Technology & Commercial Truck Driving School

All J-Tech programs and curriculum are designed with a commitment to address the skills gap recognized by leaders in the automotive and diesel industries and the commercial truck driving industry. At J-Tech there is no disconnect between student learning outcomes and meeting the needs of the employers in the industry. Our ties within the community are strong, with leaders in the industry helping define our curriculum and the skill set needed for success in your choice of academic study.

We welcome you to explore our curriculum. J-Tech sets the standard in developing the competencies required to meet the needs of a competitive workplace environment and creating your path to a career in the automotive or diesel industries or employment as a commercial truck driver.



This Occupational Associate Degree program prepares graduates for entry-level employment as an automotive repair technician in a global industry.



Graduates of the Occupational Associate Degree program will have the ability to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair light, medium, and heavy duty trucks.



All graduates will have developed the basic skills necessary to prepare for the Class “A” Commercial Drivers License Examination and enter the truck driving profession.