Truck Drivers; The People Driving (Literally) Our Economy Forward

image of tractor trailer

It’s safe to say that when it comes to driving the U.S. economy, few industries have had as great an impact as the commercial truck driving industry. It’s also an industry whose importance, not to mention the importance of the nearly 3.5 million professional truck drivers across the nation – is often, surprisingly overlooked. This […]

Becoming a Commercial Truck Driver After Military

students in automotive repair class

There are a number of career options that military personnel may choose to pursue after their service is complete. Commercial truck driving is particularly suitable for former service members for a variety of reasons. Surprising? Maybe. But consider a few parallels between the two and some of the benefits that military personnel bring to the […]

How J-Tech Serves Military Veterans

students in automotive repair class

The military is made up of much more than generals, soldiers, and artillery. A multi-dimensional world that not only keeps our country safe, but it’s also a training ground for some of the best automotive, aircraft and diesel equipment mechanics the nation has to offer.  The truth is, no matter what field your military training […]

Let’s Work a Little Flexibility into that Schedule

worker with tools

There may have been a time when a student’s sole focus was on school… but let’s face it—times change. People work, raise kids, juggle family responsibilities, and have plenty of other obligations that keep them busy. So why do so many schools ignore that? Luckily, at J-Tech, we get it. And even better, we make […]

Engines vs. Motors

cross section of car engine

When it comes to the mechanics of, well auto mechanics; the discussion about whether a car has an engine or a motor, has been widely debated. In truth, even Webster’s Dictionary does not provide full clarity in this regard and defines the two in a similar, albeit not exact way. Engine: A machine for converting […]

— Diagnosing a Bad Coolant Temperature Sensor

A large part of automotive repair is first diagnosing a problem. Fortunately, today’s technological advancements offer faster, easier, and more efficient ways to do this. In this Google Glass video, through application, board demonstration, and visual aids, Keith Littleton shows you how to diagnose a bad coolant temperature sensor. The first step is to place […]

— Truck Driving Time Management Tips

There’s a sense of peace that comes from driving. You may not always experience it, but when you do, it’s palpable. Perhaps it’s the vast expanse of open road around you. Or maybe it’s the warm feeling you get when you realize your landscape consists of rolling hills and not the fluorescent glow of a […]

—Truck Driving Safety: Avoiding Distractions on the Road

Driving distractions are as old as the activity itself. As long as there are drivers on the road, there will always be something demanding our attention. The difference is that nowadays these distractions are more pervasive than ever before. As truck drivers, it’s our duty to ensure we’re exercising caution and good judgment in order […]

— Air Brakes Test on a Tractor Trailer

This video will walk you through a tractor trailer’s air brakes test. In less than ten minutes, the instructor will take you through all of the steps necessary to pass the air brake test on the vehicle inspection section of the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) test. You will see demonstrations of a leak rate test, […]

— Employment Opportunities in a High Growth Industry: Commercial Truck Driving

One of the fastest growing industries in America is the transportation industry (commercial truck driving). The estimated growth rate of 21% by 2020 (Green, 2014) is double the national average cited by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The transportation industry provides great opportunities for the next decade for employment, entrepreneurship, and advancement in the industry. […]