How is the Vehicle Shortage in the US Affecting Auto Mechanics?

how is the vehicle shortage in the US affecting auto mechanics

If you’ve thought about buying a new or used car recently, you likely have run into some unpleasant surprises. Car prices have skyrocketed recently due to limited inventory, supply chain issues and high demand. The pandemic set off a chain reaction of events: manufacturing delays and dwindling supplies meant fewer new cars could be built, […]

5 Unique Christmas Gifts for Any Car Lover

5 unique christmas gifts for any car lover

The holidays are the perfect time to celebrate the gearheads in our lives. But short of buying the car lover in your life a new car, what can you get them that they’ll truly appreciate? Here are some unique ideas for all those automotive aficionados out there. All of these gifts are available online – […]

Is Your Used Truck or Car Worth Repairing?

is your used car or truck worth repairing

Deciding if your car or truck is worth repairing can be tricky. Especially when you’ve been payment free for a while. Remember how exciting it was making that final payment? You had big plans for all that extra money. And it was pretty awesome, until the timing belt went out or maybe the AC compressor […]

— Ford vs. Chevy: Who’s Winning?

It’s no secret that auto enthusiasts can be fiercely loyal to a particular manufacturer. Ford drivers will always defend their legacy and Chevy lovers couldn’t imagine sitting behind any other wheel. This competitive nature is one of the great things that separates mankind from other animals. The desire to excel is a passion that, much […]

— Truck Driving Time Management Tips

There’s a sense of peace that comes from driving. You may not always experience it, but when you do, it’s palpable. Perhaps it’s the vast expanse of open road around you. Or maybe it’s the warm feeling you get when you realize your landscape consists of rolling hills and not the fluorescent glow of a […]

— Food for thought: Why choose a tech school for a career as a diesel technician?

By: Jim Baird, Automotive Technology Program Manager   Why tech school? Why not a traditional college? A tech school… is a laser focused education with your future and employability in mind. Classes chosen for their value. Tuition is a fraction. Industry employers are involved and committed to developing and employing the technicians they need. Why have […]

— Automotive Apps: Smart phones have changed the way we work, live and play!

By: Keith Littleton, Automotive Technology Program Manager    In the automotive industry the App world has exploded, there are hundreds of automotive apps that turn your phone into a device that can help you diagnose problems with your car, experience racing around the world and now they have apps that improve your driving skills. Automotive Technicians […]