Jones Technical Institute (J-Tech) is committed to the holistic development of each student. J-Tech offers comprehensive academic programs and student services that contribute to personal growth and successful outcomes. The following highlights the delivery of student service programs:


Students are assigned an academic advisor that provides guidance with an emphasis on personalized attention to meet individual needs. At times, personal difficulties may interfere with the success of the student. Students are encouraged to seek help from their advisor or even a staff member for any problems that may arise. The academic advisor also assists in problem solving to improve academic performance and achieving the goal of graduation and successful placement.


The LRC provides students with resources that foster the development of both the technical and soft skills that are integrated into the J-Tech curriculum. The LRC supports the instructional needs of J-Tech students by providing a core collection of books, industry magazines and periodicals, DVDs and instructional videos, as well as electronic resources and databases available through the Internet. The LRC is also a center to assist our students in the preparation for the professional world. Students can use resources to enhance their learning through watching informational videos, Internet research, trend analysis, and text research.

Tutorials Offering Optimal Learning Strategies

Assistance with classroom assignments is provided in the LRC. This service provides additional instruction to improve comprehension of concepts taught in the classroom and application of those skills. A student may register for tutoring in the LRC or may be referred to the TOOLS Program by their Instructor or the Program Manager. J-Tech is committed to the success of its students.


The J-Tech Fitness Center is equipped with contemporary aerobic, cardiovascular, and light weight equipment typically found in a modern gym or fitness center. The Fitness Center is open to students during non-classroom hours and J-Tech welcomes the participation of all students in this important student service. The J-Tech Wellness Program also offers instructional videos that contribute to an awareness of healthy lifestyles and provides informational seminars on health and wellness issues.


Need a place to chill for a minute? J-Tech has got you covered. Our student lounge offers a place where you can take a load off with friends and grab a snack and drink from the vending machines. A microwave is also available for student use.


J-Tech does not provide housing facilities on campus for its students, but apartments are plentiful in the immediate area. To assist out-of-town students in need of housing, J-Tech will provide help in finding local accommodations close to campus. Housing referral services are provided by the Campus Coordinator.


Got stuff? At J-Tech, we provide our students with personal lockers to safely secure personal belongings. They are located near the Fitness Center, so you can easily go from coveralls to gym shorts.