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Instructions for Scheduling a CDL Skills Test

We will need the following prior to scheduling your test.

  1. Copy of your Driver’s License
  2. A copy of your CLP (Commercial Learners Permit) for the Test you would like to take
  3. A copy of your medical card
  4. If using your vehicle, you must provide a copy of the vehicle registration and insurance
  5. Payment of the Non-Refundable testing fee. $450 if you are using our vehicle (Class A only) or $375 if you are using your own vehicle.

Paying the Testing fee:

  1. To pay online, please go to the Student Services Fee page
  2. You can also pay in person at 8813 Western Way, Jacksonville, FL

Once you have completed the above items, call Suzy at (904) 328-5600 to schedule the appointment. You will receive a test confirmation by email when you have been placed on the schedule.

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*Please note, we cannot schedule your test until all documents are received and the fee is paid in full.

**If you fail any portion of the exam and would like to retest, you will need to pay the fee listed above again prior to the retest to be rescheduled. You will be required to wait 2 full business days between testing.

***On the day of the test, please bring your original permit, medical card (if you have one), and driver’s license. We will not be able to test you without these documents.

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How Do I Know if I Need a CDL?

If you drive any of the following vehicles:

city bus icon

Class-B CDL Study-General Knowledge

Airbrakes (if equipped), Passenger

Class-B CDL Study-General Knowledge


Class-B/C CDL Study-General Knowledge

Airbrakes (if equipped), Passenger, School Bus

box truck icon

Class B/C CDL Study-General Knowledge

Airbrakes (if equipped)

flatbed tow truck icon

Class-B/C CDL Study-General Knowledge

Airbrakes (if equipped)

Class-A Study-General Knowledge

Airbrakes, Combinations

truck icon

Class-A Study-General Knowledge

Hydraulic Brakes, Combinations

Jones Technical Institute

Commercial Driver's License Skills Testing Fees

  • CDL Class A Skills Test $375.00
  • CDL Class B Skills Test $375.00
  • CDL Class C Skills Test $375.00
  • Vehicle Rental Fee $75.00
  • Retest Fee $375.00 (Plus $75.00 Rental Fee if Applicable)

No refunds if you do not pass your exam, do not show up for testing, or if canceled prior to giving 48 hours notice Fees still apply.

If you are Testing for a Class B or Class C, you must have a vehicle that meets the requirements of Class vehicle you are testing for. The vehicle must be representative of the class and type of vehicle you will be driving once you receive your CDL.

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Things to Know

When reporting for your test, you must have the following:

  • Valid Commercial Learners Permit
  • Valid United States Drivers License from the state where you live
  • Vehicle Registration, and Proof of Insurance (if using your vehicle)

Jones Technical Institute is a Third-Party Administrator Only

  • Payment to the Third-Party Administrator will not affect the issuance of a driver’s license
  • The department may retest any applicant
  • The Third-Party Administrator does not issue a driver’s license


J-Tech also works with local employers for input on current trends and new equipment to meet the changing needs of the industry.

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