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Training Essential Employees
for Automotive, Diesel, HVAC, Marine & RV, Welding & Fabrication, and Commercial Truck Driving

At J-Tech, we understand the struggle of finding technicians who seamlessly fit into your team. That’s why we prioritize tailor-made training programs to meet the exact needs of employers like you. And our graduates are more than ready to hit the ground running. 

Before becoming a nonprofit institution, we consulted industry professionals through our Program Advisory Committee. Their diverse insights from automotive, diesel, HVAC, welding, marine & RV, and commercial truck driving industries have shaped our curriculum, resources, and teaching methods.

Rest assured, when you choose J-Tech, you select graduates with the technical skills, practical knowledge, and professionalism necessary to excel in your workplace. Let’s collaborate and shape the future of your workforce together.

Photo of a Carlyle by NAPA Tools & Equipment employer standing in front of a tool display.

Because of this approach, we feel that we are strongly partnered with the companies that will be looking to hire our J-Tech graduates as essential employees.

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Video: Hear from J-Tech Employers! "This school really does a nice job preparing them." –Justin Moore, George Moor Chevrolet, General Manager.
Play Video about Video: Hear from J-Tech Employers! "This school really does a nice job preparing them." –Justin Moore, George Moor Chevrolet, General Manager.

Empowering Industry Partnerships
at J-Tech

At J-Tech, fostering strong relationships with employers is paramount. Your active engagement with us plays a pivotal role in shaping the success of future professionals across the automotive, diesel, HVAC, marine & RV, and commercial truck driving industries. We recognize the significance of finding skilled employees who are not only intelligent and competitive but also trainable and retainable in today’s workforce landscape.

The Following Services Are Offered
To You and Your Business

Graduate Placement Services

Our Placement Services staff matches our students’ and graduates’ career talents with the needs of your company. If you are looking to fill your open positions, we can help.

On-Campus Recruiting

At J-Tech we provide an opportunity for employers to recruit on our campus. This provides an opportunity for employers and students/graduates to connect during on-site interviews at J-Tech.

Program Advisory Committee

A Program Advisory Committee (PAC) member is a qualified representative in the automotive, diesel, HVAC, marine and RV, welding and fabrication, or truck driving industry who provides input on the institution’s programs, resources, and materials. They also support the mission of the institution and the education provided.

Photo of Buddy Key

As a Program Committee Advisor, You Will:

  • Give input on the curriculum content, learning resources, facility, and equipment that directly affect our students’ skill level upon graduation.
  • Evaluate our student graduation and employment rates annually.
  • Have the opportunity to observe our students and their talents first-hand. 
  • Take advantage of employing our honor students upon graduation.

If you are interested in learning more about J-Tech and our Employer Services, please contact Buddy Key at bkey@jtech.org.

Meeting Space

Do you have an employee training session or event coming up? Need a space for a guest speaker event? At J-Tech, we provide our industry partners access to our facility at no charge. Contact our Institutional Development Officer, Danielle Wampler, at dwampler@jtech.org for information and to reserve the space.

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