Freshmen & Sophomores

10 Steps
to Go from High School to a Career

J-Tech is a trade school. We teach you real skills that will help you jump into a trades career and be comfortable on day one.

Start Mastering Your Craft and Get Your Toolbox Ready for the Future!

A young teenage boy hunting ducks and smiling.

Enjoy the Experience

Go hunting or fishing or whatever you like to do.

Start Building Your Arsenal of Tools

A teenage boy working on a dirt bike.

Fix Something in the House for Your Parents

Maybe help fix a broken toilet or blender, or replace the hardware on a cabinet.

Take as Many CTE Classes in High School as Possible

CTE means “Career Technical Education.” These vocational training programs often include things like internships or job shadowing to teach essential career skills.

A teenage girl working with a contractor, looking at blueprints.
Teenager watching a YouTube DIY video about removing a truck engine on YouTube.

Watch DIY Videos on YouTube

Check out how to fix components on cars, or how to maintain your family’s AC unit.


Also known as Vocational Industrial Clubs of America (VICA). Learn more at

Close-up of a hand holding a wrench, tightening a bolt on a car engine.
A teenage boy working at a hardware store, helping a customer.

Start Looking for Entry-Level Jobs

Getting started at an automotive shop or home improvement store is a great way to make connections and help your growing career.

Get a Fixer-Upper Car

Working on your own car is as challenging as it is satisfying.

A teenage girl getting into her first car, holding the key and smiling.
Jacksonville Speedway

Attend Your Local Races and Meet Some of the Crew

You could also attend the local car shows.

Visit J-Tech and Take a Tour with Your Parents

You can even shadow a class to see if J-Tech is right for you.

The new J-Tech Diesel Technology lab, with several diesel and semi trucks, engine lifts, tables to work on, toolboxes, and much more.

Why Wait Until You're Done with High School to
Start Learning and Exploring the Trades?

Ask your CTE teachers for more information on how to start becoming a part of the Trades Revolution!

Or, reach out to us and tell us what you’d like to learn more about! Call or text Jeff Harris at (386) 235-1428.

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