A Man Using the Air Brake in His Vehicle.

How Do Air Brakes Work? 

Tractor trailers, buses, and other large diesel-powered vehicles often transport big, heavy loads – so it’s important for everyone’s safety that these vehicles can stop when they need to. That’s where air brakes come in. Air brakes have huge brake drums to effectively stop a diesel rig hauling thousands of pounds, and they run on air, instead of hydraulic fluid,

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A Car with a Package on its Roof for Valentine's Day.

5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Car Lovers 

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. If you have a car enthusiast in your life, here are some Valentine’s Day gift options that are sure to get your loved one’s heart pounding. Car detailing gift certificate If your Valentine loves their car (almost as much as they love you), a

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Listing the Alternative Diesel Fuels CNG, LPG, and LNG

Alternatives to Diesel Fuel: CNG vs. LPG vs. LNG

Diesel fuel (which is refined from crude oil) produces many harmful emissions when it is burned, making diesel-fueled trucks and big rigs a major source of dangerous pollutants which are bad for the environment. That’s why many commercial fleet managers today are considering vehicles that use alternative fuels. Below are three of the top alternative fuels and some of their

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A Sports Car is Being Compared to a Semi-Truck

Auto Technician vs. Diesel Technician: What’s the Difference?

If you love working with vehicles, enjoy learning about mechanical or electrical systems, and want an essential, rewarding, and hands-on career, you may be considering going to school to become an auto or diesel technician. But what’s the difference between the two jobs, and how do you know which is best for you? Read on for some helpful information about

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A Man Buffing the Front of His Boat.

Winter Boat Care Tips

As winter approaches, it’s important to take the time to protect and winterize your boat so that it stays in good condition and is sea-worthy the next time you want to take it out. Here are some helpful boat care tips to keep your boat safe and sound through the winter. Clean your boat inside and out Before you put

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A Semi-Truck in a Snowstorm on an Icy Road.

Truck Driving Tips for Winter 

Winter weather can pose a big challenge for professional truck drivers. Driving a big rig can be especially dangerous in snow and ice – all that weight can pick up momentum that is nearly impossible to stop quickly if you lose control. Be sure to remember the following safe driving tips this winter, and remember, if conditions are too bad,

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Image of Boat Propellers

How to Care for Your Boat During Off Season 

As summer sadly comes to an end, it’s time to prepare your boat for the off-season to ensure that it weathers the winter well and is sea-worthy the next time you decide to go off on an adventure. Here are a few tips to properly care for your boat during the off season. Inspect and Clean Your Boat Before you

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Images of 5 Welding Joint Types.

The Top 5 Welding Joint Types 

If you are interested in pursuing a career in welding and fabrication technology, you’ll need to learn about the different types of welding joints and how they are formed. At J-Tech Institute, you’ll learn about that, as well as basic and advanced pipe welding, shielded arc welding, flux cored welding, advanced gas metal arc welding, and much more in a

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A Man Fixing a Car Tire.

The Need for Auto Mechanics in 2023

If you are considering becoming an auto mechanic, 2023 is shaping up to be a great year to pursue your passion. With the high rate of inflation in the US, fewer people are buying new cars, which means they must maintain or repair their existing vehicles. Recent research shows that, in 2023, there will be an estimated 76 million vehicles

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Blog post image for the Auto Tech skills employers are looking for blog post.

Auto Technician Skills Employers are Looking For

This is a great time to be looking for a job as an auto technician. With inflation high and supply low, fewer people are buying new cars, which means they are trying to get as much mileage out of their old vehicles as possible. Demand for auto technicians is high, and if you have the following skills, you’re more likely

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