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Welding & Fabrication School

J-Tech’s Welding and Fabrication Training Program provides hands-on training using the specialized tools and equipment you’ll find in the welding industry today, including TIG welders, MIG welders, STICK welders, flux cored welders, shielding gas cylinders, consumable welding wires, welding clamps, oxy-acetylene, plasma arc cutting, carbon arc cutting, a variety of alloys, and various types of rigging equipment. We purposely design our workshop to represent the real-world welding and fabrication equipment you can expect to find in the workplace.

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The Metal Master
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Video: Welding & Fabrication Technology at J-Tech Institute. Become a skilled welder in just 18 months.
Play Video about Video: Welding & Fabrication Technology at J-Tech Institute. Become a skilled welder in just 18 months.

Welding and Fabrication

Specialized Welding tech training at J-Tech

If you’re looking for a trade that is truly hands-on and in-demand, a career in welding and fabrication is a great option. One reason is the fact that so many industries rely on the skills of professional welders in their daily operations. In fact, there are about 42,600 job openings for welders every year in industries that include automotive, construction, manufacturing, and others.* All of whom need qualified welders to meet the demands of their businesses.

But at J-Tech, our goal is to help you acquire not just technical training, but also to build the essential skills that will improve your chances of advancing in the industry. That’s why our program also includes courses in Business Communications, Critical Thinking & Workplace Ethics, Career Planning, Computer Application, and Physical Sciences. We’ll also help you prepare for the various certification exams so you can hit the ground running after graduation.

*U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook: https://www.bls.gov/ooh/production/welders-cutters-solderers-and-brazers.htm

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Welding & Fabrication Program

As a graduate of the J-Tech Welding and Fabrication Technology program, you’ll be ready to get certified and get to work in an entry-level career in the welding and fabrication industry.

As a student in our Welding & Fabrication program, you'll also have access to the following benefits:

6,400 Square Foot Welding & Fabrication Workshop–with Air Conditioning!

Welding Tool & Safety Set

Valuable Insights & Networking Opportunities from J-Tech's Network of Industry Contacts

Career & Job Placement Assistance

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What You'll
Learn in welding school

In just 21 months, you’ll learn:

Fundamentals of Welding

Structural Shielded Arc Welding

GAS Metal Arc Welding

Advanced GMAW

Flux Cored Arc Welding

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

Basic Pipe Welding

Advanced Pipe Welding

Advanced GTAW

Non-Destructive Evaluation & Lab

Real-World Fundamentals

Real-World Crafting


Professional welders can look for work in a variety of industries including automotive, construction, manufacturing, trucking & railroads, factory production & manufacturing, ironworks, and more.

  • MIG Welder
  • Sheet Metal Worker
  • Tool & Die Maker
  • Oil Rig Welder
  • Pipefitter
  • Auto Body Welder
  • Structural Iron & Steelworker
  • Inspector
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