J-Tech is driving the next generation of under-the-hood and over-the-road technicians, and transportation professionals. We are committed to keeping the American economy moving. How are we doing that? By building a 168,000 square foot automotive and transportation training facility in the Southeastern United States.


J-Tech is committed to offering the best education and training possible by partnering with industry-leading corporations and working with professionals that truly care about the advancement of the automotive, diesel, and transportation industry. With the validation and assistance from the employment community, J-Tech is ready to equip its graduates with the skills required for flourishing careers. We are devoted to creating a winning solution, not only for our local, state, and regional employers, but more importantly our students. That is what we are all about. Advancing the lives of others through meaningful employment in growing career fields.


The mission of Jones Technical Institute is to instill in every student, through a quality education and motivation, belief in themselves and their ability to succeed. Students set goals and objectives within their reach and with the technical knowledge and skills they acquire, our students can become successful in technical, trade, and vocational professions. J-Tech also aligns its mission with building partnerships within in the industry and community to enhance its programs and opportunities for its students.


J-Tech is a member of the Compass Rose Foundation’s Integrated Education System, a 501(c)(3), Non-Profit Corporation with over 70 years of demonstrated commitment to higher education. What does this mean? It means we have a long history of educating, training, and putting people to work.

Jones Technical Institute is a branch of Sunstate College Incorporated, d.b.a. Sunstate Academy in Clearwater, Florida. Sunstate Academy, founded in 1974, and its branch operation at Jones Technical Institute are subsidiaries of Compass Rose Foundation (CRF), a Florida based corporation developing education initiatives for 73 years. CRF is proud of its family’s tradition in providing quality educational opportunities and community service that evolved from its Jacksonville forbearers in 1918. Jones Technical Institute marks CRF’s return to Jacksonville and its continued commitment to the development of institutions that meet the demands of the regional economy through workforce training and innovative educational programs.