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J-TECH is proud to be a military-friendly school.

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Our classes offer the flexibility needed to help balance education, family, and achieving your personal goals.

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Driving Futures Forward

J-Tech, a nonprofit institution, is doing so much more than training the next generation of automotive and diesel technology professionals and commercial truck drivers. We’re sharing the power of mobility – and that is powerful stuff.

With ASE-based training at our 168,000 square foot facility and industry partners like NAPA Auto Parts, it is J-Tech’s goal to become a driving force for excellence in automotive and diesel technology. Ready to drive your future in a whole new direction? Get the power of mobility in your own two hands by enrolling at J-Tech today.

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If it’s to work in an industry that’s all about keeping things moving – you’ve come to the right place! Join the skilled professionals making engines hum and wheels turn every single day. J-Tech can help you propel your future down the road to success!

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Industry partners

J-Tech, a nonprofit institution, is committed to offering the best education and training possible, so we partnered with industry-leading corporations that truly care about the advancement of the automotive, diesel, and transportation industry.

Serving those who have Served

helping Veterans transition and train for civilian life

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