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Auto Technician vs. Diesel Technician: What’s the Difference?

If you love working with vehicles, enjoy learning about mechanical or electrical systems, and want an essential, rewarding, and hands-on career, you may be considering going to school to become an auto or diesel technician. But what’s the difference between the two jobs, and how do you know which is best for you? Read on for some helpful information about becoming an auto technician vs. a diesel technician.

What Does an Auto Technician Do?

Auto mechanics are trained professionals who perform maintenance, diagnostic procedures, and effective repair methods using specialized equipment and tools. Auto techs work on commercial cars and trucks (gas-powered vehicles), often for dealerships or in repair shops. Because today’s consumer vehicles have advanced electrical and computerized systems, today’s auto mechanics must have a strong technical aptitude as well.

What Does a Diesel Technician Do?

Diesel mechanics are similar to auto mechanics, except they specialize in diesel-powered engines, which are standard in larger vehicles such as semi-trucks, boats, construction equipment, and even aircrafts. Diesel technicians, like auto technicians, perform diagnostics, troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance for engines and other system components like suspension, steering, transmissions, brakes, and more. Diesel engines don’t use as many electrical components as gas-powered engines, so a diesel tech needs to be more mechanically inclined.

What are the Key Differences?

The main difference between an auto and a diesel technician is that they work on different types of engines in different types of vehicles. They therefore must learn to use different types of equipment and take different educational paths. 

How to Choose Your Career Path

Would you love to spend your days tuning up cool cars, or does the idea of working on a big rig have more appeal to you? Figure out where your passion lies and your skills. If you have mad technical and electrical skills, an auto tech position might be better for you. Also, an auto tech position is often in a set workplace whereas diesel mechanics may have to travel to different locations to make repairs. Both positions give you the opportunity to grow and specialize, and both are in high demand.

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