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Automotive Technology: Prep and Landing

When you’re gearing up for a career as an automotive repair technician, you don’t just want the basics. You want quality training by experienced
instructors who know the industry and what it takes to succeed. But that’s not enough.

You also need the hands-on application that will allow you to truly challenge yourself. Cutting edge laboratories that replicate real work
environments. Still more? Specialized equipment and cutting-edge technology. Keep ‘em coming? Guidance on the lesser known (but equally important) soft
skills that will take you from competent to memorable. Getting warmer?

How about preparation both for your career and for the ASE certifications that will help you excel? You
want room to grow; so do we. That’s why our campus spans 28 acres – and even that can’t contain the amount of talent within these walls.

At J-Tech, our Automotive Technology program will prep you
for a rewarding career in an important industry. We’ll cover:

  • Automotive Maintenance
  • Logical Diagnostic Procedures
  • Electrical and HVAC
  • Effective Repair Methods
  • Brakes and Transmission
  • Engine Performance
  • Suspension and Steering

But let’s be honest; we’re not just talking about another job here. This is your career. The rest of your life. We grasp the weight of that and work hard
to make sure you’ve got the best shot at being successful.

Our Program Advisory Committees are a bit of a secret weapon. We take industry professionals, members of our administration, and experienced instructors and throw them together. The result? Unparalleled insight into the industry and
insider knowledge on what companies crave in prospective employees.

We’ve got the training and the insight; what more could you want? Oh right, the tools. Don’t sweat it; as an Automotive Technology student, you’ll get to work with:

  • a computerized automotive information system
  • electronic circuit testing tools and meters
  • an exhaust gas analyzer
  • diagnostic computer scanners
  • a computerized wheel balancer
  • specialized automatic transmission tools
  • lab scopes

We could stop there and take a breather, but where’s the fun in that? Instead, we push ourselves to offer you the very best. Our required Workplace Readiness course is just one more thing J-Tech offers its students to prepare them for their next adventure. No one wants to be thrust into the unknown post-graduation; that’s why we ease the transition by covering topics like leadership, communications, organizational skills, and more. Plus, our transitional programs help students brush up on their interview skills and develop their writing ability so they can land the job they’re after.

If you want a school that’s committed to giving you the edge, you’ve found it. If you want your next chapter to begin with an exciting career that keeps you fulfilled and motivated, let’s talk. If you want to go beyond the basics and develop the foundation that will help you excel in the automotive industry, J-Tech is where it’s at. Have questions? Call us at (877) 447-0442 today.

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