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Becoming a Commercial Truck Driver After Military

There are a number of career options that military personnel may choose to pursue after their service is complete. Commercial truck driving is particularly suitable for former service members for a variety of reasons. Surprising? Maybe. But consider a few parallels between the two and some of the benefits that military personnel bring to the commercial truck driving industry and vice versa.  You may realize you are the perfect candidate for a career that cannot only be financially rewarding, but will allow you to continue supporting your country, by safely transporting essential goods across the nation.

Life on the move- Just like the commercial truck driver, military personnel are accustomed to a very “mobile” lifestyle. This can make it a very natural transition for the service member starting a career in commercial truck driving.

Finding fuel in an empty tank – Stamina, endurance under pressure and deadlines. Fundamentally, important traits for military personnel and commercial truck drivers, the ability to work long, grueling hours in conditions that are not always the most comfortable can give you an edge in either role.

The greatest ability is dependability – It’s a fact that to serve in the military, dependability is not optional, it’s a requirement. Being entrusted with the transport of essential goods that not only need to be delivered on tight deadlines, but also need to be delivered safely and dependably, is also a necessity for the commercial truck driver.

Situational Awareness – Equally important to both military personnel and the commercial truck driver is awareness of your surroundings at all times.  It can be the difference between life and death in some situations and applies to life in the military as well as life on the road. Consider it similar to “defensive driving” tactics where a good offense is the best defense and can be an asset when transporting loads in all sorts of driving conditions.

There’s an “M” in Teamwork – Conceivably the largest organized team in the world, the military is rooted in teamwork. It’s the heart of just about every mission. Likewise, commercial truck driving doesn’t function without a cohesive team of dispatchers, operations managers, fellow truckers and many more. Those core team-building skills are valuable assets in the commercial trucking industry.

Just like military service members say goodbye to their families to take care of the needs of American families, so do commercial truck drivers as they journey across the nation supplying essential goods to citizens everywhere. If you’re a member of the armed forces approaching the end of your military service and think a career in commercial truck driving might be right for you, check out the Commercial Truck Driving Program at J-Tech Institute. J-Tech is proud to offer several programs to help our troops launch successful careers after their service has ended. With supportive instructors and hands-on training, J-Tech can help you as you make the transition to civilian life. Call us today to learn more about what J-Tech can do for you!

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