— Come on, Girls – Let’s Get Our Hands Dirty

Cars: more than just people, for women, they carry with them a myriad of feelings from excitement, pride, and self-confidence to frustration, anxiety, and bewilderment. Wouldn’t it be great to harness the kind of knowledge and experience necessary to tame the beasts of ignorance and stand gallantly atop the mountain of I-ain’t-afraid-of-no-transmission-problems?

If you’re tired of feeling like you’re being taken advantage of every 3,000 miles (Do I really need to fork up another $30 for that “fuel system cleaning” just because the teen at the front desk said I do?), we at J-Tech understand. We get that you’re sick of the way some people provide little to no information when it comes to your repairs, as if you could never understand. Likewise, we know you don’t, in fact, have two heads and will never look at you as if you do when you ask a simple question (or, gasp, display even the most basic understanding of mechanics).

Are you fascinated by the inner workings of engines? Do you secretly inhale the grease on your fingertips the way your sister sniffs her perfume? Do you desperately want to shout, “Girls know about cars, too!” from the rooftop of your ‘67 Camaro? Okay, so maybe you’re just dreaming you have a ‘67 Camaro, but the sentiment is the same. You’re a woman, you love cars, and you want to harness that passion into a real world career. Well, we want to help you do just that.

Our Automotive Technology Programoffers ASE/NATEF based training and graduates receive an Occupational Associate Degree. This program prepares students for employment as automotive repair technicians and can be completed with approximately 91 credits. Through replicated real world environments conducted in our lab, students gain hands-on experience (and the opportunity to use some very cool equipment) that will provide a solid foundation for their education.

Your success is our success. That’s why we don’t just hand you a degree and shove you onto the Jacksonville streets. Through our career advisement, transitional programs, and job placement, student advisors provide guidance and assistance to grads in order to help you shift gears into gainful employment.

You may feel overwhelmed by the concept of stepping into a male dominated industry. Don’t. Take any doubts or negativity thrown your way and spin it to your advantage. Yes, the automotive mechanic industry is filled with chart-topping testosterone levels. In fact, according to the Catalyst Knowledge Center[1], in 2013, only 1.8% of automotive technicians and mechanics were made up of women. 1.8%! That’s all the more reason why you can shine in the field. With all eyes on you, it’s a great opportunity to show the world your skills, passion, and genuine appreciation for mechanics.
Don’t waste any more time strolling down the path that’s expected; blaze a trail in that Camaro and chase the career you really want. Get more information about J-Tech and drive into your future.

[1] Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survey, “Table 11: Employed Persons by Detailed Occupation, Sex, Race, and Hispanic or Latino Ethnicity, 2013” Annual Averages 2013 (2014).

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