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Diesel Advanced Technology  Education (D.A.T.E)


The Volvo and Mack Diesel Advanced Technology and Education (DATE) programs offer specialized advanced diesel technology training for the next generation of master technicians. If you hold an associate’s degree in Automotive or Diesel Technology, take your skills to the next level and take advantage of this opportunity at J-Tech.

D.A.T.E. Quick Facts:

J-Tech is 1 of only 3 participating institutions to teach these certifications


Vast job opportunities are available in dealerships across the US and Mexico upon graduation

Taught by

Check out our newly built Volvo and Mack Labs on campus!

Designed especially for these programs.

Program Requirements

D.A.T.E Requirements

Hold an associate’s degree in automotive or diesel technology

Have maintained a
3.0 GPA in their degree

Achieved an 97% 
attendance rate

Be screened for industry aptitude and passion

D.A.T.E. is designed with proprietary Volvo/Mack materials and is a professional-level program.

As a D.A.T.E. Master Tech, you will get to learn:

  • Truck Dealer Portal
  • Premium Tech Tool
  • Impact
  • eMedia
  • Schematic Viewer
  • Exhaust After-Treatment Systems
  • Vehicle Computer-Aided Diagnostics
  • I-Shift and M-Drive Transmissions Systems
  • Axles and Differentials
  • HVAC, Brakes, and Latest Integrated Safety Systems
  • Advanced Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Engine Rebuilds and Tune-Ups

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