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Get to know our awesome
J-Tech grads and their inspiring stories


Terrance Cummings is a Diesel Technology graduate that does things his own way and is very proud of that.

Let’s just say he owns it. Originally he intended to get his CDL license but quickly realized that wasn’t exactly the right path for him. He likes that J-Tech prepared him for the real-world in terms of his career. This is what he had to say about his experience: “It’s a great school. The teachers, faculty and students are phenomenal and we all helped each other out.”

Terrance Cummings
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Jeanivelise Sanchez-Pomainville is a graduate of the J-Tech Automotive Technology program.

She says that J-Tech prepared her for her day-to-day life working in a shop by showing her all of the tools and machinery that she’ll be using. She also says J-Tech gives you the fundamentals, but when you get into the shop, that’s when YOU decide how are you going to make this work for YOU. 

“I am very proud of myself, I’m proud that i made it this far and i was able to prove to people that it didn’t matter what my gender was or even how tall I was. I can do this.”


Get to know Colby Chasteen, who graduated from the DATE Program.

He currently works at Nextran Truck Centers as a Diesel Technician. Colby attended school at night and worked during the day. He’s thankful for J-Tech, as he likes to say, “J-Tech paved the path for me to become an essential worker.”

Colby Chasteen
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Meet Rebecca, a Diesel Techonology graduate.

She currently works for High Reach 2 in Jacksonville Florida. She works on Semi-trucks, boom lifts, aerial lifts, forklifts, telehandlers and excavators. She loves every part of her job because everyday she can learn about something new. Rebecca is breaking cultural and gender norms and has a lot of pride being a female in the diesel industry. This is exactly what she wanted to do, shot for it, and is now a successful diesel technician. Wow… that determination is powerful and inspiring! 

“Being able to look like I can’t do it, but being able to do it is something awesome and holds a lot of pride for me. It sticks very well.”


Meet Clinton Hatcher, he’s a Diesel Technology graduate who now works at Metson Marine Services as a Marine Diesel Service Technician.

He chose to attend J-Tech because life is too short to spend 75-80% of your time doing something that makes you miserable. Hear what he has to say and how J-tech helped him. In his own words: “J-Tech was absolutely a life-changing experience for me.”

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