Project 212°: The Next Degree of Education

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What Will Happen When You Challenge Yourself?

Project 212: The Next Degree of Education

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Here is that challenge, take full advantage of “Try on Tech” before you decide. Kick off a part of your summer by getting ahead of the game: explore different trades, learn new skills, create projects, and jumpstart your future!

Project 212° is a summer program designed by J-Tech, a nonprofit institution, training the next generation of Automotive, Diesel, HVAC, Marine & RV, and Transportation industry professionals.

You have already made your choice that sitting in a college classroom for 4-6 years is not what you want or how you learn best. If you want to be independent and have skills that never go out of demand. Project 212° can give you a taste of what’s out there.

In our program, you’ll get the fundamentals and foundations for all our programs while exploring different industries. During fast-paced classes, you can essentially complete up to 20% of the real institutional program – and those credits will transfer!

What’s better? These programs are FREE for you and your family!

Spend your summer learning from the same J-Tech instructors that teach our full-time students, you will be working with the same equipment and in the same labs as J-Tech students. Explore different trades and launch your career before you’ve even graduated high school. If that sounds good to you, you’re in the right place.


Vehicle Maintenance Procedures

How to Work with Diagnostic Systems

How to Read Wiring Diagrams and Interact with Wiring Harnesses

And Much More!

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If This Sounds Like a Cool Experience to You, Show this Next Part to Your Parents.

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J-Tech is working to help parents relieve the unknown and stress of what life can look like after your student graduates high school. J-Tech understands the stress and pressure you may be feeling; wanting your child to be independent but also understanding that they still need your guidance.

Choosing the correct path for your son or daughter is an important decision. Project 212° is a free summer program designed by J-Tech, a non-profit institution, training the next generation of Automotive, Diesel, HVAC, Marine & RV, and Transportation industry professionals. This summer program is designed to help families and their students “Try on Technology.” Students get to explore J-Tech’s trade programs and learn the fundamentals with real hands-on experience by the same instructors and curriculum that teach J-Tech’s full-time students.

J-Tech and Project 212° have created the very best experience built around your student: their interests, their skill level, and their goals for the future. This summer program is designed for maximum inspiration and long-term success. When students attend these classes, they’re in good hands with us — all at NO COST to you.

Mother sharing a brochure for J-Tech with her son while he works on his old sports car.

Here is what your son or daughter will receive when your family takes advantage of this opportunity:

  • Your child will be taught using the same curriculum as a full-time J-Tech student
  • Your student will be taught by the same J-Tech Instructors that teach J-Tech’s full-time students
  • J-Tech’s Corporate sponsors will be speaking with students one on one, and your student will be building their employer network
  • Your student will receive inside information on what it takes to be hired by their companies and potentially offered mentorships
  • Students will be provided with all hand tools including electrical scanners required for their classes
  • Your student will be provided with 2 uniform shirts
  • Access to fully outfitted labs and hybrid classrooms
  • A daily box lunch and drinks will be provided daily
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Mother sending her son off to J-Tech to become an Automotive Technician.

After successfully completing one or both modules and your family decides that J-Tech is the right training facility for your son or daughter they will receive:

  • 100% of credit for their time in the class or classes they completed, which will  reduce their time in school by 3 months
  • 100% of the tuition will be waived that would be charged for those classes, saving families thousands of dollars in tuition
  • Your family and student are still eligible to apply and receive existing J-Tech scholarships that apply to your student along with all grants you may be eligible for
  • Families will be recognized during J-Tech’s National Signing Day (J-Tech’s Signature Event)


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Project 212: The Next Degree of Education


Students will be instructed by our J-Tech professional faculty. They will have access to the same software and equipment that our full-time students use.

 J-Tech will be offering 2 sessions during the summer for our Project 212°. These two classes act as the base for most of our core trade programs. Participants will complete and receive full credit for the following classes:

J-Tech Marine & RV Technology student working on a boat engine, using a socket wrench to remove a bolt.


5 Credits

This course provides instruction in the basic industry practices and technical concepts necessary for students seeking a career in the professional service industry. Emphasis is placed on building a foundation of the following basic skills:

  • Maintenance procedures
  • Shop safety and organization
  • Proper use of hand/power tools
  • Various types of service information
  • Diagnostic specialty tools

Students will use industry standard hand tooling, repair information systems, and diagnostic equipment. This course prepares students for ASE certification test on Maintenance and Light Repair (G1).

J-Tech HVAC-R student working on the electrical components of an air conditioner, using a meter to test the voltage.


5 Credits

This course provides the foundation instruction and practical study of electricity. Emphasis is placed on the following skills:

  • Wiring diagrams
  • Test equipment
  • Identifying series, parallel, and series-parallel circuits

Upon completion, students will be able to calculate, build, and measure circuits. Students will use industry standard hand tooling, repair information systems, and diagnostic equipment.

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  1. Attend a Lunch & Learn with your parent(s) or guardian(s) to learn all the details
  2. After seeing the details from the Lunch & Learn, decide if you want this FREE opportunity
  3. Complete your application and secure your seat
    (Limited to 24 spots, first come first serve)
  4. Stay connected with us
  5. Attend Project 212 and have fun!
  6. Earn your certificate
  7. Convert your certificate for tuition credit for classes taken and time credit for classes taken if you decide to complete the training after you graduate high school