how is the vehicle shortage in the US affecting auto mechanics

How is the Vehicle Shortage in the US Affecting Auto Mechanics?

If you’ve thought about buying a new or used car recently, you likely have run into some unpleasant surprises. Car prices have skyrocketed recently due to limited inventory, supply chain issues and high demand.

The pandemic set off a chain reaction of events: manufacturing delays and dwindling supplies meant fewer new cars could be built, demand increased, and prices climbed. When buyers could not find or afford the new cars they wanted, they turned to the used car market, which caused inventory shortages and more record-high prices there as well.

An ongoing global shortage of microchips – needed for new and existing cars – has also been a big contributor to the issue.

While this is all bad news for consumers, it can be good news for those who are considering a career as an automotive technician.

Demand for Auto Technicians is High

Because of the auto shortage right now, more and more drivers have decided to keep their current vehicle as long as they can and are willing to pay more for repairs to keep their vehicles on the road. With more people needing repairs, more auto technicians are needed to do the work.

According to a recent TechForce Foundation report, nationally, demand for auto technicians nearly doubled from 2020 to 2021. Last year, demand for auto mechanics outpaced supply by 5-to-1. Many auto repair shops and garages are paying higher wages or offering sign-on bonuses or incentives to attract new technicians. This puts you in the driver’s seat!

Take Advantage of this Opportunity

Many auto shops are currently overwhelmed with work and understaffed. In a recent article, Larry Page, the CEO of Page Auto Group, said, “I don’t think the younger generation realizes what kind of money they can make [working] in auto mechanics.”

If you’ve been thinking about pursuing an essential career as an automotive technician, now is the time to get started. Take advantage of this boom in the repair business and take charge of your future.

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