— Why Commercial Truck Driving?

Have you considered J-Tech while choosing between commercial truck driving schools?  Did you know the average age of the commercial driver in the US is 55, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics? And retirements are only increasing.  There is about to be a huge gap in this industry with job openings all over Florida as well as across the country.  Nationwide there are about 25,000 unfilled truck driving jobs, as cited by the American Trucking Association.  The transportation of goods is essential to every industry in the country and with a dwindling workforce we face a dilemma.  J-Tech recognizes this need to fill these spots and is doing so with our comprehensive training program.

When choosing your career, you are seeking job security that will carry you through your life.  You do not want to be going back to school every couple of years changing direction.  The truck driving field is experiencing no shortage of vacancies, but rather a shortage of workers.  Don’t you want to work where you are needed?  J-Tech’s goal is preparing students to start their careers.  We don’t just want to see you graduate we want to see you get hired.  J-Tech will transport you from one phase of your life to the next.  J-Tech stands apart from other truck driving schools because of our convenient location in the major transportation port of Jacksonville, FL.

Get the hands-on training and experience you need to excel in the transportation industry.  As an American truck driver you become part of a national tradition.  You fit into the backbone of every industry providing the necessary transport of goods across the country.  Your office is everywhere, your schedule is flexible, your job is fundamental.  On the heels of the recent truck driver shortage there has never been a better time to break into the industry.  Most of the current fleet is on the verge of retirement leaving a gaping hole in the business and making this the most opportune time to get started.

J-Tech is looking to reverse the truck driver shortage.  Our truck-driving school covers all the major areas of study that will influence your future success.  You will learn all about life on the road, for example, how to combat fatigue, stay in shape and stay safe on the road.  Learn how to properly maintain your rig and make necessary repairs.  You will graduate with the ability to make informed decisions and problem solve on your routes.  The primary concern in this position is safety and J-Tech’s training program is aligned with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s initiative for truck drivers.

Have you been considering a career change but not quite sure which step to take next?  Are you ready to make an investment in yourself but you want to make sure that investment pays off?  After this 170-hour program you will be ready to get behind the wheel and join the fleet that is transporting the nation’s cargo from port to port.  Currently, Americans are facing a shortage of educated, well-trained, truckers ready to replace the retiring fleet.  Fill that void and keep the economy running.

Do you want to sit a desk with someone breathing down your desk or do you want to see the open road?  Increase your salary, improve your life experience and join an industry that keeps America running.  J-Tech stands out among other programs with its comprehensive training program and practical location.  Jacksonville is one of the fastest growing cities in the US and a major transportation port.  When you explore your options in truck driving schools, take J-Tech on a test drive.

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