— Why Florida Winters are Just Plain Better (For You and Your Car)

It’s common knowledge that many people retire in Florida because of our mild winters. True, we may not have ski resorts or landscapes of powdery snow, but we have plenty of other reasons to love our warm climate. So, whether you’re already a local or are thinking of becoming one, here are some reasons why spending this season in the Sunshine State is better for you and your car.

Cold Weather Takes Its Toll on Vehicles:

Rusty Rides – Too much salt isn’t just bad for your diet; salt on the roads can also cause corrosion. This necessary evil wreaks havoc on vehicles and can eventually lead to holes in the frame, among other problems. Kept long enough, owners may notice their commute starting to resemble the intro to The Flintstones.

Spark Plug Problems – When the weather turns frigid, many drivers are prone to heating their cars before climbing in. While it may shave off a few minutes of shivering, if they’re not careful, this shortcut may cause more problems later. Engines are not designed to idle for extended periods of time; if left running for too long, it could mean more than a toasty seat (think bad spark plugs, engine surging or wasted gas).

Freezing Temps Create Dangerous Driving Conditions:

Braving Black Ice – When water freezes on a road, it creates a transparent coating of ice over the pavement. Often with no warning, drivers find themselves the puck in a terrifying game of hockey as they slide across an icy street until something (another car, a tree, a pole…) stops them.

Stranded in a Snowstorm – Blizzards, which have been known to occur suddenly and last for several hours, are accompanied by a multitude of dangers. Even during less severe snowstorms, with little to no visibility, drivers often become stranded in their vehicles as they wait for the weather to clear. If not equipped with a proper emergency kit, those exposed to the extreme temperatures could face frostbite, hypothermia, and even death.

Warmer Winters are a Win-Win:

Manageable Maintenance – When it comes to ensuring your vehicle is in great shape, it largely depends on your continued care. But, sometimes, it also comes down to dollars and cents. Because a Florida car’s life doesn’t require the added attention and expense as its cousins up north, you can skip the small stuff (like tire chains and ice scrapers) and, hopefully, sidestep the bigger headaches (like blown tires from fleeting psi). Instead, stick to your usual maintenance routine to keep your ride (and your wallet) happy.

Building a Future – For those looking to break into the automotive industry, Jacksonville is the perfect place to get comfy. As the largest metropolitan area both in Florida and the contiguous United States and the second largest automotive import and export port on the Atlantic coast, an education here (from, say, J-Tech) affords many opportunities. Connecting with industry professionals and networking with business partners while you attend school is a great way to lay the foundation for your future.

While it’s true that there’s something to be said for the beauty of a crystallized tree and the thrill of a snowball fight, we prefer to walk confidently without the threat of deadly icicles or frostbite. For us, it’s the warm inviting Florida sun and the promise of tomorrow.

So, as you’re contemplating which corner of the globe to spend your next adventure, where better than beautiful Jacksonville? Where better than J-Tech? Our Automotive Technology and Diesel Technology programs provide the hands-on training you need for a career in this rewarding industry. Wondering how you can fully appreciate your ability to drive safely all season long? Our Commercial Truck Driving program serves as a great reminder. For more information, call us at (877) 447-0442.

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