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Why We Need Diesel Technicians in Our Lives

It’s not an understatement to say that our economy, infrastructure, and nearly every aspect of our daily lives is affected by the world of diesel technology. If that statement surprises you, consider the actual global impact diesel technology has on the world, or maybe instead think about what the world would be like without it. In a culture of convenience where advances in technology have given rise to an ever-increasing demand for “door-to-door” goods and services, the result has been an explosion of growth in the trucking industry to meet the demand. And where there are more trucks on the road, there is a need for more diesel technicians to keep them on the road, making qualified diesel technicians a highly sought-after resource.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a moment to explore the world of diesel technology to gain a better understanding of what diesel technicians actually do and why their role is so important.

There are automotive technicians and there are diesel technicians. Even though there are some overlapping duties performed by both, they are not interchangeable roles and require very different training and skills. Like the automotive technician, a diesel technician works on standard vehicle components including: brake systems, transmissions, and electrical. They also perform routine maintenance like oil changes, battery checks, and tire rotations. However, the primary difference comes down to the engine and the type of vehicle operating with a diesel engine.

A diesel engine has no spark plug, unlike its gasoline engine counterpart and the air is compressed first. Thus, heating it up to temperatures of over 5000°, igniting the fuel after it is injected and powering the engine. Diesel engines also generate more power than gasoline engines and are the engines used in our heavy-duty trucks, tractor-trailers, trains, ships, and even military equipment like tanks and submarines.

Are you starting to understand why diesel technicians are so important? Global commerce relies on the efficient transportation of consumer goods. Many of the large motor carrier companies have large fleets of equipment out on the road every single day doing just that – transporting all the food, fuel, medical equipment, and a host of other goods that keep our economy and infrastructure moving forward. Combine that with the rising demand for diesel technicians and the current industry shortage of qualified candidates, and it is definitely a career path worth considering.

There’s something really satisfying about a career that not only helps keep the world moving but also contributes to getting people the essential goods they need to survive. Now that is a contribution to society! If you’ve always had a fascination with what’s under the hood and love the idea of moving the world forward one engine at a time, you should check out the Diesel Technology Program at J-Tech Institute. J-Tech is training the next generation of diesel technicians at their 168,000 square foot facility in Jacksonville, Florida. With solid industry partnerships and a comprehensive curriculum that prepares students with hands-on training, J-Tech is paving the way to a better future out on the road. Call J-Tech today to learn more about becoming a diesel technician or to schedule a tour of our facility.

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