A Day in the life of a diesel technician

A Day in the Life of a Diesel Technician

Before we dive into what a day in the life of a diesel technician is like, we should probably begin with what it is a diesel technician actually does. If you’re already the engine-savvy, mechanically inclined type, you probably have a good idea but suffice it to say that diesel engines – are the backbone of industries ranging from construction and transportation, to agriculture, marine vehicles and more. If you’re thinking it sounds like diesel technicians play a pretty important role in keeping the economy going, you’d be right. So, what is a day in the life of a diesel technician really like? Let’s take a look.

Review and prepare

As a diesel technician, you’ll likely start your day by first reviewing what’s on deck and making sure you have the proper tools and parts on hand. You’ll usually prioritize jobs based on certain criteria such as commercial vehicles vs. personal vehicles, walk-ins vs. appointments and even whether it’s routine maintenance or an actual mechanical failure that needs urgent repair.

Heavy duty diagnostics

If you’re tasked with figuring out what’s wrong with a particular diesel engine, you’ll typically start with a standard inspection checklist to identify the problem. If it isn’t readily apparent what the issue is, you may need to use more advanced diagnostic equipment. Since the average diesel engine can weigh between 400 and 12,000 pounds, you’ll be getting underneath with the help of hydraulic lifts and jack stands pretty frequently. 

Routine maintenance

In addition to troubleshooting problems, you’ll also be performing routine maintenance such as, oil changes, tune-ups, tire rotations and emissions inspections.

General shop duties

You’ll have plenty to do in a given day between repairs and routine maintenance. But there are also typical shop duties like – inventory, cleanup, ordering parts, that will be part of your normal routine.

Even though there will be many tasks you’ll be performing regularly, the truth is that no day in the life of a diesel technician is totally routine. Why? Because your customers will be from many different industries and all walks of life. On any given day, you could be facing an emergency job to keep someone’s business up and running or the challenge of an engine with a unique problem. One that you’ll have to figure out. But after all – this is what you trained for. And not only do you get to feel the satisfaction that comes with problem-solving, you’ll also be earning your living doing something you enjoy! A pretty good living, at that. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average median pay for diesel technicians is nearly $49K a year! And the demand for skilled technicians is expected to continue rising, adding almost 10,000 jobs to the industry by 2029.

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