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Diesel Tech Graduates Can Now Take the Diesel Advanced Technology Education (DATE) Master Technician Program

We are proud to announce that J-Tech is now one of three schools in the US that offers the Mack DATE Master Technician Program! Skills learned in this program include powertrains, electrical and electronic systems, chassis components, software, engine diagnosis and repair, and theoretical training. The DATE Master Technician program is available for a student after graduating from the Diesel Technology program here at J-Tech.

Mack Trucks is one of America’s largest manufacturers of heavy-duty Class 8 trucks, engines and transmissions and is headquartered in Greensboro, NC. Founded in 1900, Mack is part of the Volvo Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment, marine and industrial engines. Mack Trucks are sold and serviced in over 45 countries worldwide.

In October of 2017, The American Transportation Research Institute’s Top Industry Issues reported that the trucking industry will require roughly 67,000 new diesel technicians by 2022. The trucking industry may be on high alert, but Mack won’t let the industry go down without a fighting chance. Mack Trucks is taking the reins in attracting, training, and retaining valuable diesel technicians. That’s where we come in.

Students will have already graduated with an Occupational Associates Degree in Diesel Technology from J-Tech, in addition to being certified as a professional-level Mack technician. The DATE Program isn’t for those who slacked off in attendance or got by with barely passing grades. History in attendance as well as grades are taken into consideration when you’re applying to be in the program. Those interested need an average of 97 percent attendance and a GPA of 3.0.

In the DATE program, students will be given access to transmissions, drivetrains, chassis, braking systems, carburetors, and anything they need to unleash their mechanical creativity while being in a safe, educational surrounding. This course takes 500 hours to complete and will be filled with no more than 20 people. Hard work will pay off in this program as salaries in the field range from $40,000 starting to $120,000 for trained and experienced diesel techs along with multiple career paths and job security.

Mack has a few goals when it comes to the DATE program. Earlier goals have been completed, like adding locations recently in Lima, Ohio, at the University of Northwestern Ohio, El Paso, Texas, and now in Jacksonville at Jones Technical Institute. The expansion of the program signals an increased need in the trucking industry for skilled diesel technicians. Another goal of the program is to reinforce positive work goals and attitudes that lead to successful outcomes.

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