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Why Technical Schools are Becoming the School of Choice

It’s safe to say that the world of higher education has changed. Yes, it’s a whole new world of online courses and virtual classrooms where students can get an education without ever leaving the house!

But perhaps the biggest change, is the idea that a bachelor’s degree from a four-year university is your best option for a successful future. Instead, more and more students around the country are choosing technical schools as an alternative. If you’re trying to decide on the right path for your future, it might be helpful to understand why technical schools are rapidly becoming the go-to-choice for an increasing number of students.

Closing the Skills Gap

What is the skills gap and what does it have to do with technical school? It’s simple – employers need workers with tangible skills specific to their industry. When there aren’t enough workers to meet the demand, it leaves a workforce gap that must be filled. For example, skilled automotive and diesel technicians are an essential part of the automotive industry. A shortage of skilled technicians can have a huge impact on the industry as a whole.

As a result, employers often partner with technical schools to increase enrollment and even offer various incentives to attract more students and ultimately – more skilled employees. Translation – when the skills you learn are in demand, you’re likely to reap the benefits.

Technical School Costs Less

Money talks when it comes to education. And it’s pretty loud and clear that technical school is a much more affordable option than most. After all, the average cost for a bachelor’s degree is $127,000, compared to $33,000 for a trade school degree. That’s a whopping difference of $94,000!!

Faster Track to Earning

Did we mention a traditional bachelor’s degree takes four years to complete? If you’re looking to start earning faster, most technical school programs take less than two years from start to finish.

Job Security

There are some skills that are just always going to be in demand. That doesn’t mean a bachelor’s degree in English Literature won’t help you land a job. But if you graduated from a technical school as a skilled automotive technician, electrician, or other trade, chances are – you’re going to have plenty of options.

There’s no question that getting an education can be your passport to a more successful future. But why not consider getting one that helps you learn skills that are pretty much always going to be in demand? And by the way – it also puts you on the path to earning faster, for less of a cost. If you love the world of engines and all things automotive, J-Tech Institute is a great place to get that education. J-Tech is helping students launch successful careers in the world of automotive technology. Click here to check out our Automotive and Diesel Technology programs for yourself, or contact us today to schedule a tour of our 168,000 square foot facility in Jacksonville, FL.

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