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How to Care for Your Boat During Off Season 

As summer sadly comes to an end, it’s time to prepare your boat for the off-season to ensure that it weathers the winter well and is sea-worthy the next time you decide to go off on an adventure. Here are a few tips to properly care for your boat during the off season.

Inspect and Clean Your Boat

Before you pack your boat away for the season, you’ll want to clean and inspect it thoroughly. Remove all the items from your boat before cleaning – empty out drawers and cabinets, and remove electronics, flares, and cushions (consider storing these somewhere dry where they won’t get moldy). Clean out everything, pressure wash the hull to remove dirt and grime, and scrape off any barnacles. 

Perform Engine Maintenance

Now’s the perfect time to take care of your engine – change the oil (run the engine while you do this to help drain the old oil), check for leaks, and flush the engine with a non-toxic anti-freeze using an intake hose connected to the water pump. You also should change your transmission fluid, remove the spark plugs, and take out the battery prior to storage, so moisture doesn’t get in. Final step – fog the engine with fogging oil.

Check Your Propeller

Inspecting your propeller is much easier if you are dry-docking your boat over the winter. Check for things like bad bearings, corrosion, or leaky seals, and inspect the blades for dents or breaks. If you find issues, you may want to replace your propeller before next season. 

Winterize and Store Your Boat

Be sure to get a high quality, well-fitting boat cover that will protect your boat from the elements. Most people will take their boats out of the water over the winter, so try to store them in a covered area, and consider running a dehumidifier if moisture is a concern. 

Check on it Regularly

Wherever you end up storing your boat, check on it regularly, so you don’t face any unpleasant surprises when you go to use it six months from now.  

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