Images of 5 Welding Joint Types.

The Top 5 Welding Joint Types 

If you are interested in pursuing a career in welding and fabrication technology, you’ll need to learn about the different types of welding joints and how they are formed. At J-Tech Institute, you’ll learn about that, as well as basic and advanced pipe welding, shielded arc welding, flux cored welding, advanced gas metal arc welding, and much more in a fun, hands-on environment. Here’s a quick introduction to the main different types of welding joints.

Butt Joints

Butt joints are the most common type of joint used for building structures and piping systems. To create a butt joint, two pieces of metal are butt up next to each other on the same plane, and each side of the metal is joined together by welding. 

Lap Joints

Lap joints are similar to the butt joint, but instead of being on the same plane, lap joints are formed when two pieces of metal slightly overlap each other. They are usually used to join two pieces of sheet metal with differing thicknesses together, and the welds can be made on one or both sides. 

Tee Joints

Tee joints are made when two pieces of metal intersect at a 90° angle resulting in a ‘T’ shape. There are a number of welding styles used to create a stable tee joint, and they can also be formed when a tube or pipe is welded onto a base plate.

Corner Joints

Corner joints are like tee welding joints, except tee joints meet in the middle, where corner joints meet in the corner forming an ‘L’ shape. These types of joints are commonly used in the sheet metal industry in the construction of frames, boxes, and other applications. 

Edge Joints 

In an edge joint, the metal surfaces are joined together so that the edges are even. One or both plates may be formed by bending them at an angle. There are many styles of edge joints such as a U-groove, V-groove, J-groove and more. 

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