Subarus Best Service Technician J-Tech Graduate Matthew Gallup

J-Tech Graduate Named Subaru’s Best Service Tech In The Country!

Congratulations, Matt! Jacksonville native, and J-Tech graduate Matthew Gallup became Subaru’s Best Service Tech in the country! His journey started right here at J-Tech as an Automotive Technology student.

Matthew Gallup graduated from J-Tech’s Automotive Technology program in 2020. While enrolled in classes at J-Tech, Matt started his professional career at Hanania Subaru. He quickly mastered his skills from classroom to workshop and was able to apply his knowledge on the job. 

His role at Subaru allowed Matt to gain real-world experience while he finished his degree, and in just three short years, he became a Master Technician, faster than any other technician in Hanania Subaru’s history. His career is a testament to his dedication as he continues to grow and is on track to becoming a Senior Master Technician. 

Now, that’s Matt’s success story, what’s yours? Are you passionate about cars and eager to turn your love for tinkering with engines into a career? Learn about engine diagnostics, electrical systems, and computerized engine controls, you’ll gain practical experience that prepares you in the automotive technology sector. Upon completion of the program, you’ll have the opportunity to earn industry-recognized certifications, such as the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification. These certifications demonstrate your proficiency and can enhance your credibility as a qualified automotive technician. Learn more about our Automotive Technology Program

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