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Let’s Work a Little Flexibility into that Schedule

There may have been a time when a student’s sole focus was on school… but let’s face it—times change. People work, raise kids, juggle family responsibilities, and have plenty of other obligations that keep them busy. So why do so many schools ignore that?

Luckily, at J-Tech, we get it. And even better, we make it easier for you to work us into your schedule.

Choose What Works for YOU

Whether you’re looking for shorter weeks or specific time-frames, we’ve got options for everyone. Attend school just 2 ½ days per week and choose day or evening classes. No matter your lifestyle or commitments, our schedules are designed to accommodate you.

Why do we do it? Because your time is valuable. We’re thrilled you picked us to prep you for your career and we know a little flexibility goes a long way.

Learn While You Work

Who says you have to choose between working and pursuing your education? Whether you’re a full- or part-time employee, you can still excel as a J-Tech student. With our short (and sweet) weeks, we make it easy to navigate the workforce and the demands of your job.

Enjoy gainful employment in Jacksonville or your hometown—whatever you want. The journey to success can be filled with enough unexpected turns; we want to do our part to simplify the process so you have the best chance at a rewarding future.

Take Advantage of Career Services

Other schools might shake your hand and send you on your way, but we know that your journey doesn’t always end at graduation.

In fact, we’re so committed to preparing you for the next step that we offer a Workplace Readiness Course, transitional programs, and career advisement services all designed to ensure you have the skills to smoothly segue from student to professional. Plus, career placement assistance is available to help you find the perfect fit. Whether it’s checking out our list of available positions or working directly with the Outreach Coordinator, we’re dedicated to your success every step of the way.

So What’ll it Be?

Our Automotive Technology, Diesel Technology, and Commercial Truck Driving programs provide the quality education you need to lay the foundation for a lasting career. Ready to get started? Great! Need a little more information? Call us at (877) 447-0442 today.

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