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How to Know When Your Car Needs a Wheel Alignment

Cars can be needy; we know this, but we love them anyway. We rely on them to work properly, to keep us safe, and to get us where we need to go. And that’s exactly why we have to take measures to keep our vehicles running smoothly and maintain their dependability.

Fortunately, vehicle maintenance is a two-way street—cars and trucks have a way of letting us know when something is wrong, giving us an opportunity to fix it.

Telltale Signs Your Car is Crying for Attention

 While sensors and indicator lights are great, determining whether your car needs a new wheel alignment often depends on good ol’ fashioned detective work… or simply paying attention.

You may need an alignment if:

  • Your vehicle pulls to one side
  • Your tires are squealing
  • You’re driving straight, but your steering wheel is crooked
  • Your tires are wearing quickly or unevenly

Properly maintaining your vehicle is key to ensuring a long and healthy life together. Don’t ignore the signs that something is wrong (unless you want to fork out extra cash to pay for repairs).

What’s the Worst that Could Happen?

 When you get sick, do you recover quickly by ignoring your symptoms and taking no action? Well, your car won’t either. If not addressed, poor alignment could lead to some unpleasant (and pricey) consequences:

  • Poor vehicle handling
  • Decreased fuel economy
  • Spending extra money on new tires
  • Difficulty maintaining control of your car

Fortunately, these are all preventable and can be easily avoided.

Preventing Problems: When to Get an Alignment

So maybe there’s no dashboard indicator telling you when your wheels need a little TLC… but aren’t there some guidelines to give you a clue?

As a general rule, there are certain times when heading in for an alignment is a good idea:

  • When you buy new tires
  • When you get your tires rotated
  • When you notice any of the above warning signs

Your vehicle may not pinch you when it needs a check-up, but it does let you know when something is off. Be proactive and when you notice your car is suffering, take care of it right away.

Why Not Cut Out the Middle Man?

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