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Open for Business

Hurricane Irma 2017 came in with a big introduction, and has left us reaching out to help those that have been set back from where they once were.  Late last week J-Tech, with forethought, and advance planning, was able to get all of our students through their final exams with time to prepare, or evacuate with respect to the oncoming storm.

We closed Friday and following in Duval County’s footsteps we remained closed until Wednesday.  Our campus was very fortunate, as we have opened our doors once again to our faculty, staff, students, and guests.  Our campus here in Jacksonville is very strong, and well built.  It is a true representation of the Compass Rose foundation that supports it.  We are turning the clean-up that Irma has forced our community to address, into a positive for our people.  We are updating classrooms with fresh paint on the walls, and some really cool diamond plate upgrades. We feel our students and faculty deserve a fresh and positive outlook after this very challenging event.

During the time away, preparing, and waiting, many of us had time to reflect on many of the things we wish we could change. Maybe you didn’t have to report to that job that you hate going to every day. Maybe you thought about some of the changes that you might want to make in your life or career. Maybe you thought about all of the water and supplies that you bought, and what you will do with them now.

Whatever you had time to think about in your time of solitude, away from the distractions of TV and everyday life……now is the time to take charge of your situation. After you find something to do with the extra water and supplies, maybe finish that conversation with yourself about your future.  You need and deserve a new beginning.  Maybe a new employment outlook is what you really need.

Do you like working with your hands?  Did your buddies call you over the weekend to come and figure out why their generator was not working, or help board up their house?  Are you that same person that guy that your friends call, when they need help with any kind of engine work or car trouble?  You should think about using those skills to make money and build your future into more than just a job, and make it into a career, that grows over time and experience.

J-Tech is open again, and welcoming people that like working with their hands and that want to make more money enjoying what they do for a living.  Our Automotive Technology and Diesel Technology classes will be starting in roughly 10 days on September 25th.

Take action NOW!  Roll into J-Tech, or reach out to us and find out what we can do to help.  Don’t put it off anymore. By this time next year, many good things can be happening in your life because of J-Tech.  You can do this.  Call J-Tech at 877.447.0442.

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