— Automotive Apps: Smart phones have changed the way we work, live and play!

jtech_crew_keith_littletonBy: Keith Littleton, Automotive Technology Program Manager


In the automotive industry the App world has exploded, there are hundreds of automotive apps that turn your phone into a device that can help you diagnose problems with your car, experience racing around the world and now they have apps that improve your driving skills.

Automotive Technicians are expected to have and use very expensive test equipment in the service/repair industry. This equipment can be very bulky and not something you would keep in your vehicle. Technicians and DIY’s can use smartphones to do basic testing anywhere and anytime. The better scan tool automotive apps will allow you to retrieve trouble codes and parameter data for assistance in diagnosing vehicle concerns. If you are into performance and tuning your own vehicle most of these apps have data recording so you can tweak with accuracy. You do have to purchase a wireless device that attaches to the DLC, they range from $10-$20.

Improving your driving skills and safety has become a standard feature on cars today but if you drive a classic car you are lucky if you have seatbelts. The way to get around this is the “augmented driving app”, it warns you of a front end collision and lane changes some of these apps have customized settings that really work well for your specific driving styles. After getting the app, mount your phone on the windshield and make a few adjustments and you are ready to drive.

If you are into games and racing it is endless with the different automotive apps available. These apps can take you around the world by racing at tracks that you may never visit but can feel like you are there. The accuracy and detail with some of the apps will surprise you!

Here are some of my favorite automotive apps:

Dynolicious Classic

OBD Car Doctor

EOBD Facile


Torque Pro


Augmented Driving

Car Minder Plus

Reel Racing 3

These apps never should be used when driving unless they are designed to increase visibility and improve on safety!

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