Diesel Exhaust Brake Systems Explained

A Semi-Truck Driving on the Highway.

Many large, diesel-powered vehicles such as tractor trailers, heavy equipment, buses, RVs, and tow trucks use supplemental braking systems (such as diesel exhaust brakes or compression “jake” brakes) in addition to traditional wheel brakes. This is because large, heavy vehicles are much more difficult to slow down and stop once they pick up momentum, and […]

— Diagnosing a Bad Coolant Temperature Sensor

A large part of automotive repair is first diagnosing a problem. Fortunately, today’s technological advancements offer faster, easier, and more efficient ways to do this. In this Google Glass video, through application, board demonstration, and visual aids, Keith Littleton shows you how to diagnose a bad coolant temperature sensor. The first step is to place […]

— Truck Driving Time Management Tips

There’s a sense of peace that comes from driving. You may not always experience it, but when you do, it’s palpable. Perhaps it’s the vast expanse of open road around you. Or maybe it’s the warm feeling you get when you realize your landscape consists of rolling hills and not the fluorescent glow of a […]

—Truck Driving Safety: Avoiding Distractions on the Road

Driving distractions are as old as the activity itself. As long as there are drivers on the road, there will always be something demanding our attention. The difference is that nowadays these distractions are more pervasive than ever before. As truck drivers, it’s our duty to ensure we’re exercising caution and good judgment in order […]