5 Reasons Why the Automotive Industry Might Be for You

When you were 7 years old, you tried to put wheels on your sister’s Easy-Bake Oven. By the time you were 10, you were disassembling her blow dryer and taking the vacuum cleaner apart. At 14, your dad was asking you to fix the motor on the lawn mower. Which you did. Yes, it’s safe to say, that some people are just born with a love (and a knack) for all things mechanical. If this sounds a lot like you, maybe you should consider a career in the automotive industry. If you’re wondering what the world of automotive technology could do for your future, keep reading. We’ve got 5 great reasons why you should choose a career in an industry with a whole lot of moving parts.

1. Job Security –Automotive technology is to vehicles what healthcare is to people. It’s true. As long as there are cars and trucks on the road, there will always be the need to keep them running. Check the box next to job security folks!

2. Time is Money – Most automotive technology programs can be completed much faster than a traditional 4-year university education, putting you on the path to earning money in your career much faster. And the costs are substantially less.

3. Never a Dull Moment – Auto mechanics interact with people from all walks of life on a regular basis. They also get to work on all sorts of vehicles, making it pretty unlikely that you’ll be bored.

4. Technology Rules – The automotive industry has always been at the forefront of advancing technology. How cool would it be to be on the cutting edge of all the latest developments? Literally in the driver’s seat of exciting new discoveries.

5. Career Advancement – Like many skilled trades, an automotive technician has skills that can be put to work in a variety of different positions. That doesn’t just mean job security. It means the potential for advancement and maybe opening your own shop!

Let’s face it. Loving what you do for a living beats just earning a living, hands down. That is probably the #1 reason to choose a career in the automotive industry. If you’re going to work for the next 40+ years of your life, why not enjoy what you do and get paid for it. If you’re ready to explore a career in the automotive industry, check out the Automotive Technology and Diesel Technology programs at J-Tech Institute. With a 168,000 square foot facility in Jacksonville, FL, J-Tech is training the next generation of automotive and diesel technicians. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a tour of our campus.

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