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Top Tips to Save Gas

Filling up your gas tank every week can really take a toll on your wallet. Especially if your commute to work is not right around the corner. Even if it is, you might sit in 30 minutes of traffic to get there. To help keep your wheels turning without breaking the bank, we’ve rounded up some great fuel-saving tips that will also help you keep a few bucks in your wallet!

Slow your roll

That’s right. Slowing down by just 10 mph can save you up to 25% in fuel. What’s the hurry anyway? Enjoy the ride!

Steady as she goes

It might surprise you to learn that simply maintaining the same speed can save fuel. Sudden acceleration and braking require more fuel, so accelerate and brake slowly, and use cruise control for long drives.

No pressure but check your pressure

Your tire pressure. Under or over-inflated tires are not just gas wasters, they can actually be hazardous and result in a blow-out. Check your owner’s manual for the proper PSI to inflate your tires to.

Get regular maintenance

Old spark plugs, and dirty air and fuel filters are not doing wonders to conserve fuel. Make sure you give your car the TLC it deserves by way of regular maintenance.

It’s getting hot in here

Try rolling down the windows instead of blasting the AC. Obviously, if it’s August in Miami, you may have trouble cooling off, but if it’s just a tad warm, easing up on AC use can save fuel by as much as 20%.

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