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Changing Brake Fluid: How and Why

Proper maintenance on your vehicle’s brake system is essential to keeping you and your passengers safe behind the wheel. Most people know that having your car’s brake system regularly inspected is recommended. It’s equally important to have your brake fluid changed periodically. We’re braking it down to help you keep one of your car’s most essential functions – functioning.

Why do I need to change my brake fluid?

Even routine maintenance is an interruption in your routine. When you know the why, you’re more likely to actually do the important things that keep your car safe. And just like your dog’s favorite chew toy, brake fluid gets old and worn out with time and use. Not to mention, tiny pieces of your brake calipers and wheel cylinders can make their way into your brake fluid. Water can also creep into your brake fluid, causing rust to develop. Rust not only corrodes parts of your brakes, it can keep the fluid from flowing smoothly where it needs to.

How often should I change my brake fluid?

Some auto manufacturers recommend a brake flush around 30,000 miles, while others recommend changing your fluid every two years. The best rule of thumb is to use whichever comes first. If you reach 30,000 miles, flush that fluid! If you hit the two-year mark first, flush that fluid! Your owner’s manual will typically provide more detailed specifics and what kind of brake fluid your car needs.

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