— Diagnosing Basic Electrical Concerns

This video will walk you through diagnosing basic electrical concerns on three different items. In this Google Glass class, J-Tech Institute instructor Keith Littleton assesses a generator, a Hyster forklift, and a Peterbilt Class “A” truck to determine their electrical problems using the basic diagnostic process. In just over 10 minutes, and using some of J-Tech’s teaching styles and technology, he provides useful information in an easy to follow format.

First, Keith inspects the generator on a Chevy TrailBlazer. Using the voltage drop test, he’s able to diagnose the problem and fix it fairly quickly. Next, he looks at a Hyster forklift with a diesel engine. The charging system has failed and Keith needs to determine whether the problem lies with the wiring or with the alternator. He demonstrates how a basic understanding of electrical and competent use of test equipment enables the technician to efficiently identify the issue. Through his assessment, he learns there is no battery voltage at the output side of the alternator and easily fixes the problem. Keith’s final inspection lies in a 2009 Peterbilt Class “A” truck. In this video, he provides step-by-step instructions on how to perform a parasitic drain test. This technique allows him to identify the problem area so that he can resolve the issue quickly and efficiently. By following the proper steps, he is able to determine the source of the drain without wasting time and resources.

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