mistakes rookie truck drivers should avoid

Mistakes Rookie Truck Drivers Should Avoid

If you are considering becoming a commercial truck driver, the time has never been better. Commercial truck drivers are essential to keep our economy strong, and they are in very high demand, which means you can not only enjoy the freedom of being on the road, but also make a good living. Once you get the training you need to get your Class “A” Commercial Driver’s License, you can start a rewarding career as a commercial truck driver. Just be sure that when you hit the road, you avoid these common rookie mistakes.

Being Overconfident

While it’s important to be a confident driver, being cocky about your skills when you are just starting out can put you and other people in danger. Be sure to listen closely to your instructors when you are in school, and be willing to learn from other, more senior drivers when you start your career. It takes a while to master the skills and gain the experience you need to become great at what you do.

Not Playing it Safe

Safety should always be your top priority. When you are reckless, speed, exceed weight limits, or disregard other important safety practices, you’re much more likely to get in an accident that could cause serious injuries or even death to yourself or others. You could also ruin a clean driving record which could risk future employment. Always be aware of weather and road conditions, be extra cautious at night, stay in your lane, keep a buffer zone around your vehicle, and drive slower than you think you need to.

Neglecting Your Health

According to the National Highway Safety Administration, over 50% of crashes caused by commercial truck drivers are due to extreme fatigue caused by sleep deprivation. Another key health concern truck drivers face is obesity – due to a lack of exercise and eating too much fast food. Be sure to get plenty of rest (shoot for 8 hours a night), take breaks where you get outside and exercise, drink lots of water, and find ways to eat healthy.

Being Disorganized

While you may think that truck driving just involves driving, there is also a lot of paperwork and record keeping that must be done. Be sure to learn your company’s policies on record keeping and get organized. Learn to keep all your records in order and store them on your phone or computer for easy retrieval and keep all your expense receipts organized by category (you can do this easily with an accordion folder.)

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