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Planning a Road Trip? Top Tips to Read Before Hitting the Road

With the rising cost of air travel and sometimes questionable customer service making headlines, a good old-fashioned road trip is making a comeback! After all, what’s a better way to explore the open road than actually being on the road itself. Before you head on down the highway, check out these top tips for making your next big adventure the best one ever!

Start with a clean slate

Start your road trip by decluttering your ride. Chances are, you’ll be piling up enough fast-food wrappers, receipts, and other bits of trash on your journey. Get rid of the ones from the last month before you get behind the wheel.

Get your vehicle ready

Make sure you’ve checked all your car’s fluids or had that oil change you’ve needed. Check the air pressure in your tires too. Finally, fill up the night before your trip. It will make the first leg of the journey smoother.

Give yourself more time than you need

The last thing you want after driving all day is to actually miss a big event you are traveling for because you didn’t leave yourself enough time. Give yourself extra time in case you encounter road work, accidents, or any huge events that happen along on the way. After all, you’re supposed to have fun on road trips.

Know before you go

Allowing extra time is one thing, but it’s a good idea to get to know your route too. Know where tolls, construction, or cool places where you might want to stop along the way. This will help you get where you’re going without any unexpected stops.  

Speaking of tolls

If you have a toll pass in your state, it’s not going to work the next state over and sometimes there are no toll booths. Always carry some cash and loose change with you for tolls and cash-only businesses along the way.

Entertain yourself

If you’re going to be on the road for an extended time period, be sure to download your favorite music or podcasts onto your phone or other device to help make the drive more interesting. Radio reception can be spotty in a lot of areas, so you won’t want to rely on that.

A road trip is not just a great way to get where you’re going. It’s a great way to enjoy getting there. If helping people get to where they’re going sounds like a great way to earn a living, you should check out the Automotive Technology program at J-Tech Institute. J-Tech is helping students get the hands-on training they need to launch careers in the automotive industry. Contact J-Tech to day to learn more or to schedule a tour of our Jacksonville campus.

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