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How J-Tech Serves Military Veterans

The military is made up of much more than generals, soldiers and artillery. A multi-dimensional world that not only keeps our country safe, it’s a training ground for some of the best automotive, aircraft and diesel equipment mechanics the nation has to offer.  The truth is, no matter what field your military training was in while serving, employers recognize the

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Let’s Work a Little Flexibility into that Schedule

There may have been a time when a student’s sole focus was on school… but let’s face it—times change. People work, raise kids, juggle family responsibilities, and have plenty of other obligations that keep them busy. So why do so many schools ignore that? Luckily, at J-Tech, we get it. And even better, we make it easier for you to

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Diesel Technology: Prepping for Success

You fix things – you always have. It’s not just a passion; it’s who you are. Being the vessel to bridge the gap between natural talent and trained professional – well, that’s who we are. At J-Tech, we believe in you and your ability. Our Diesel Technology program isn’t just designed to teach you the basics and send you stumbling;

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— Diagnosing Basic Electrical Concerns

This video will walk you through diagnosing basic electrical concerns on three different items. In this Google Glass class, J-Tech Institute instructor Keith Littleton assesses a generator, a Hyster forklift, and a Peterbilt Class “A” truck to determine their electrical problems using the basic diagnostic process. In just over 10 minutes, and using some of J-Tech’s teaching styles and technology,

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— Truck Driving Time Management Tips

There’s a sense of peace that comes from driving. You may not always experience it, but when you do, it’s palpable. Perhaps it’s the vast expanse of open road around you. Or maybe it’s the warm feeling you get when you realize your landscape consists of rolling hills and not the fluorescent glow of a computer monitor. In any case,

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— Come on, Girls – Let’s Get Our Hands Dirty

Cars: more than just people, for women, they carry with them a myriad of feelings from excitement, pride, and self-confidence to frustration, anxiety, and bewilderment. Wouldn’t it be great to harness the kind of knowledge and experience necessary to tame the beasts of ignorance and stand gallantly atop the mountain of I-ain’t-afraid-of-no-transmission-problems? If you’re tired of feeling like you’re being

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— Food for thought: Why choose a tech school for a career as a diesel technician?

By: Jim Baird, Automotive Technology Program Manager   Why tech school? Why not a traditional college? A tech school… is a laser focused education with your future and employability in mind. Classes chosen for their value. Tuition is a fraction. Industry employers are involved and committed to developing and employing the technicians they need. Why have a career instead of a

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— Filling a leaky bucket: Can truck driver training programs make a positive impact on the driver shortage?

By James Sterrett, Commercial Truck Driving Program Manager For years, there has been a lot of discussion in the transportation industry regarding the shortage of drivers. Every motor carrier is impacted by this problem and each one of them is working to reverse the driver shortage and make some progress towards building a fleet with the capacity to fulfill the needs

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