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What Self-Driving Cars Mean for the Auto Industry

Only a few short decades ago, the idea of driverless cars seemed like something conjured up out of a Steven Spielberg or George Lucas movie. Strictly speaking, self-driving technology has been around for quite some time and began with the invention of standard automobile features like cruise control. Fast forward to 2020, and cars that drive themselves (A.K.A. autonomous vehicles)

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top 5 careers for car lovers

The Top Five Careers for Car Lovers

You might be surprised by how many different careers for car lovers there are in the automotive industry. There are people who love cars. And there are people who eat, breathe and sleep cars, with an enthusiasm that rivals a five-year old’s excitement on Christmas morning. If you belong to the second group, you probably even fantasize about a career

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Confident Automotive technology student wearing safety glasses, stands, arms crossed, with the auto shop in the background

Why Technical Schools are Becoming the School of Choice

It’s safe to say that the world of higher education has changed. Yes, it’s a whole new world of online courses and virtual classrooms where students can get an education without ever leaving the house! But perhaps the biggest change, is the idea that a bachelor’s degree from a four-year university is your best option for a successful future. Instead,

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5 Reasons Why the Automotive Industry Might Be for You

When you were 7 years old, you tried to put wheels on your sister’s Easy-Bake Oven. By the time you were 10, you were disassembling her blow dryer and taking the vacuum cleaner apart. At 14, your dad was asking you to fix the motor on the lawn mower. Which you did. Yes, it’s safe to say, that some people

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Why More Women are Joining the Transportation Industry

The transportation industry is evolving. What was once a primarily, boys only club, is turning into an industry with room for everyone, and it’s about time. Especially since women make the majority of vehicle purchasing decisions and outnumber male drivers on the road. But there’s a difference between buying or driving a car and joining an industry. Let’s take a

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students in automotive repair class

Becoming a Commercial Truck Driver After Military

There are a number of career options that military personnel may choose to pursue after their service is complete. Commercial truck driving is particularly suitable for former service members for a variety of reasons. Surprising? Maybe. But consider a few parallels between the two and some of the benefits that military personnel bring to the commercial truck driving industry and

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— Think You Don’t Need ASE Certification? Think Again.

Whether you’ve completed your training program, are gearing up for graduation or have opted instead for work experience, the ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification test is the next natural step for your career. Maybe you’ve thought about skipping this part; after all, who wants to take another test? Flick that cartoon devil off your shoulder and listen up: this is

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— Employment Opportunities in a High Growth Industry: Commercial Truck Driving

One of the fastest growing industries in America is the transportation industry (commercial truck driving). The estimated growth rate of 21% by 2020 (Green, 2014) is double the national average cited by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The transportation industry provides great opportunities for the next decade for employment, entrepreneurship, and advancement in the industry. Business Insider cites the “staggering

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— Employability Skills: Changing Trends in the Automotive Technology Industry

The rapid and evolving innovations in vehicle technology are changing the skill set that employers are looking for in the automotive technology industry. Research conducted by Seattle Jobs Initiative (SJI), noted that “more than 75% of employers surveyed said that soft skills were as important as – or more important than – technical skills in securing entry-level employment [and] that

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— Food for thought: Why choose a tech school for a career as a diesel technician?

By: Jim Baird, Automotive Technology Program Manager   Why tech school? Why not a traditional college? A tech school… is a laser focused education with your future and employability in mind. Classes chosen for their value. Tuition is a fraction. Industry employers are involved and committed to developing and employing the technicians they need. Why have a career instead of a

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